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Blue Coat ProxyAV 510 and 810

Blue Coat ProxyAV 510 and 810




The Blue Coat ProxyAV 510 and 810 Series™ integrated with the Blue Coat ProxySG Appliances (Blue Coat SG) represents the next generation in high-end appliance platforms for robust, high-performance Web virus scanning.

Key Features include:

  • Scalability and Performance
  • Layered Security
  • Strongest System For Preventing Unknown Spyware
  • Ease of Deployment & Administration

Scalability and Performance

Pairing the ProxyAV with the ProxySG provides significant advantages for high-speed Web virus scanning that standalone systems cannot match, such as:

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  • ProxySG processes Web objects at wire speed with integrated caching
  • ProxyAV only scans Web objects forwarded from the ProxySG for improved performance
  • ProxyAV eliminates redundant scanning of frequently downloaded objects with scan-once-serve-many-times intelligent cache integration
  • ProxyAV provides load balancing and clustering of multiple ProxyAV 510 appliances for flexible scalability
  • Granular policies and method-level controls in the ProxySG stop worm outbreaks where virus signatures fall short (e.g., spIM buddylink)
  • Active/active bridging provides failover support on the Blue Coat and allows the addition of multiple ProxyAV appliances for future growth
  • ProxySG includes world’s fastest proxy cache which substantially accelerates most web traffic

The Blue Coat solution means less hardware, high performance virus scanning, and granular control of Web communications. The ProxyAV with ProxySG provides unmatched visibility, control, and scalability in an integrated system.
Layered Security

Recent virus and worm outbreaks, spyware, and the increase in browser-based attacks show the importance of a layered security strategy provided by:

  • Choice of anti-virus engine with automated updates on the ProxyAV, allowing a layered virus scanning strategy with "Vendor A" for network scanning and "Vendor B" for desktops, servers and gateways
  • Support for Kaspersky, Sophos, Panda, Ahn Lab and McAfee anti-virus scanning engines
  • Option to scan for malware inside encrypted SSL traffic including webmail attachments, anonymizer sessions, HTTPS hacker sites
  • Utilizing the ProxySG for control over Web communications for both outbound requests and content replies to provide added protection beyond virus signatures and patterns
  • Implementing three key methods to control Web communications - the ProxySG controls "transport" and "content", while the ProxyAV provides "signatures"
  • Enforcing the ProxySG policies to control Web communications upon outbreaks and before virus signatures are available

Strongest System For Preventing Unknown Spyware

  • ProxyAV allows heuristic scanning of new and unknown spyware Trojans (Kaspersky or Panda recommended)
  • ProxySG allows blocking all unauthorized drive-by downloaders (spyware’s preferred vector)
  • ProxySG allows blocking many exploits used by spyware via policy updates
  • ProxySG allows blocking spoofed files with non-executable extensions, but executable code in the header
  • ProxySG allows blocking potential spyware downloads from 2 Million+ known spyware domains and sites at high risk of downloading spyware…regardless of how new their spyware code is. Page views are still permitted to maximize business usefulness of Web.
  • ProxySG with Blue Coat Web Filter™ includes Dynamic Real Time Rating™ to categorize new objectionable sites at high risk of having spyware (e.g., porn sites) in less than 200 milliseconds
  • All of the above can be applied to spyware attempting to enter via encrypted SSL tunnels
  • Ease of Deployment & Administration

The ProxyAV is optimized for integration with ProxySG as a complete system, through the following:

  • Purpose-built appliance solutions from a single vendor; designed, tested and manufactured for compatibility
  • Default communications, settings, and connection threads between the ProxySG and the ProxyAV are optimized for superior performance
  • Virus updates to the ProxyAV are automated with definable time frequency settings, and cached content is automatically cleared with each update
  • Administrators can define default or custom locations for signatures and virus engine updates, and configure behavior of ProxyAV upon license expiration
  • Configurable options for scanning files include: set time-out duration, drop file if errors in scanning occur, and define trusted sites
  • Heuristics fingerprint recurring files as infected or clean for non-cacheable content to improve efficiency
  • Administrators can apply allow/deny lists with extensions along with file size and content type restrictions
  • Customized alerts can notify administrators when a virus is found, AV updates are successful, AV updates fail, subscriptions expire, files are dropped, or files pass without scanning
  • ProxyAV log files can be customized using standard logging formats and sent off-box via TCP or UDP for processing
  • Health checks from ProxySG to ProxyAV verify status and availability of appliances
  • New firmware updates and release notes are sent to ProxyAV for administrator approval and installation

Integrated System Solution

The combination of ProxySG + ProxyAV provides scalable performance with control over transport and Web content with integrated virus scanning. Virus engines and signatures are only one part of Web content control. New worms and trojans are using IM and Web spam to propagate with new techniques always on the horizon. For the first time, Web communication controls and Web virus scanning work together using Blue Coat solutions.